Maďarská studentka krajinářské architektury hledá praxi na 3 měsíce v ČR

3. 3. 2015 | místo konání: Brno, Praha | okres: Brno

Maďarská studentka krajinářské architektury hledá praxi na 3 měsíce v ČR. Nastoupit může v březnu 2015. Preferuje Brno avšak ráda navštíví i Prahu. Je zaregistrovaná v mezinárodním studijním programu Erasmus.
Z toho důvodu, že mluví anglicky tak i další podrobnosti zprostředkováváme již jen v angličtině.

My name is Éva Németh, I'm a landscape architect master course student at Corvinus University in Hungary, specialised in garden construction and open space design.

I'm in the Erasmus international traineeship program, and I have the opportunity to spend 3 months in the Czech Republic at a choosen enterprise/company. They provide me all the financial support, so I don't need any salary. Unfortunately, I haven't found any practice place yet… ( they said they don't speek english good enough, their enterprise is too small or they don't have so much work to deal with me. )

My big request is to help me find a possible practice place in garden and open space construction and maintenance, tell me where to search or who could help me solve this problem. I can go out in March, so it is getting urgent. I prefer Brno the most, but Prague can be also a good destination.

I'm very interested in the construction/im­plementation part, it would be great to study how the work flow is at a company and I'm not afraid of physical work either. But of course I would like to co-operate in all the other tasks in office: desingning, digitalizing etc as well. I'm also interested in irrigation system installation, at the moment I do a professional irrigation system course, too.

My portfolio can be downloaded from here:…4k1idyp0sfiw

Thank you in advance for your help,

Éva Németh


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